Sunday, March 24, 2013

Piedmont Flour Mill, Back Door exposure no. 2

Kiev 60 Arsat 80mm f2.8 Kodak Tri-X Profesional Arista 76 1:1 - Tones of an old friend, I have had a lifetime love affair with Kodak Tri-X, for years it was my "go to" film for almost everything. My mantra for the 1980's was push, push push, I loved grain and contrast and Tri-X pushed to ISO 800, 1600 or even 3200 would give me plenty of both. I am older and maybe little smother now, so this is Tri-X shot at 400 and developed in Arista 76 (D76) 1:1. Beautiful tonal range, great sharpness and well controlled contrast, maybe I have mellowed with age, not likely, I have just gained more range.
Shot of the back door the the Piedmont Flour Mill, downtown Lynchburg VA..
Scanned with an Epson V500 using Epson's OEM software.

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