Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doll Face Exposure no. 11

Kiev 60 Arsat 80mm f2.8 40mm ext, tube Ilford FP4+ Adonol 1:50 - My first roll of Ilford FP4 Plus,,, ever. I have never shot a lot of Ilford film, besides the a few rolls of HP5, XP1 and XP2, if for now other reason than I was happy with what I was already using. I know several photographers who shoot Ilford exclusively and swear by it, but for me Fujifilm's and Kodak's offerings were getting the job done. I felt it was time to give Ilford a series try. First up FP4 Plus; shot in the studio and developed with Adox Adonol at 1:50, a Rodinal equivalent, this film has nice even tones and somewhat muted contrast. It does an excellent job rendering the subtle tones of this hand painted doll. Grain is what I would expect from anything developed in Rodinal and detail is outstanding. I have more rolls to shot and look forward to seeing how Ilford's Delta films perform.
Scanned with and Epson V500 using Epson's OEM Software.

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