Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Desert Boulders

Fujifilm GA645Zi Fujifilm Reala 100 Arista C-41 Processing Kit

Another image from the roll of Fujifilm Reala that sat in my GA645Zi for nearly two years. I am sure my fellow analog photographers feel there are two sins in the sentence previous,
  1. I left a perfectly good roll of film in a camera for nearly two years
  2. I did not use my Fujifilm GA645Zi for nearly two years.
Either one is bad enough on its own, but combine the two and I really need to do some penance to the Analog Gods.

Anyway, it is a nice image of the boulders in the Sonoran Desert outside of Phoenix Arizona.

Scanned with an Epson V500 Photo using Epson's OEM software.

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