Sunday, July 27, 2014

Plastic Fantastic - Chair

Excel Deluxe-I 50mm f6.0 Out of Date Fujifilm Superia 200 Arista C41 Kit - A plastic chair shot with a plastic camera, seemed like a fitting subject for the first post from this camera. The Deluxe-I has some interesting qualities. The uncoated plastic lens has a nice combination of distortion, "unsharpness" and chromatic aberration, giving the images a unique feel. Some notes on shooting with this camera. The viewfinder is inaccurate, there is parallax, even at distances greater than 4 feet. Leaving ample room for cropping on any shot is a must. Close focus distance seems to be a little over 3 feet, in bright sun, stopping all the way down to "Sunny" gets you a little closer, but 4 feet and beyond is a good bet for the sharpest possible images (in this case "sharp" is a relative term). Advancing the film too quickly seems to case mis-framing. I suspect the camera back does not exert enough pressure over the feed sprockets allow the sprockets to skip. Overall I am pleased with the results. The Excel Deluxe-I makes and excellent Lomographic camera. 

Scanned with a Kodak Pakon F135 Plus using Pakon's OEM software.

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