Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Nikon One-Touch L35AF2

A recent 99 cent Goodwill Thrift store find, presenting the Nikon One-Touch L35AF2. The second generation of Nikon's fixed lens compact auto-focus camera, the One-Touch is near and dear to my heart as it appeared on the scene about the same time I start selling cameras in the early 80's. The One-Touch was a solid shooter with a great quality Nikon 35mm f2.8 lens, built in flash, clam shell lens cover and self timer. Features also included a self time, DX film coding, motorized film advance and rewind, and auto film loading. Though I never owned one while they were selling back in the 1980's, I could not pass this one up when I found it sitting on a shelf in a Goodwill store from 99 cents. Images from the first roll to follow.

Type of Camera
35mm compact camera with autofocus, auto exposure, auto pop-up flash, auto flash exposure, auto shutter lock, auto film loading, auto film speed setting, auto film advance, auto film rewind, auto film rewind stop and auto ready lens cover.
Only DX-coded 35mm film from ISO 50 to ISO 1600, and non-DX-coded ISO 100 film. (All non-DX-coded films are automatically set to ISO 100)
Picture Format
24mm x 36mm
Nikon lens 35mm f/2.8, four elements in three groups
Programmed electronic shutter; also serves as diaphragm blades
Reverse-Galilean Albada-type bright-frame viewfinder; 0.52X magnification; approx. 85% (at infinity) frame coverage; -1 dioptry
Viewfinder Information
Picture frame marks, parallax compensation frame marks, autofocus frame marks, focus symbols and focus indicator needle
Active autofocus system (0.7m to infinity); focus locks when shutter release button is depressed halfway
Exposure Metering
Using CdS, programmed automatic exposure control from EV 6 (f/2.8 at 1/8 sec.) to EV 17 (f/17.5 at 1/430 sec.) with ASA/ISO 100 film
Film Speed Range
ASA/ISO 50 to 1600 (set automatically as described above)
Film Loading
Film automatically advances to first frame when shutter release button is depressed once; film advance indicator pole rotates to show film is properly loading and being advanced
Film Advance
Film automatically advances by one frame at 0.8* seconds per frame when shutter is released; stops automatically at end of roll
Film Rewinding
Via sliding rewind lock switch and rewind button; approx. 20 sec.* per 24-exposure roll; automatically stops when film is rewound
Frame Counter
Additive type; automatically resents to "S" when camera back is opened; counts back while film is rewinding
Activated by setting lever and depressing shutter release button; 10-second delay with indicator light
Built-In Flash
Automatic pop-up type with ready-light; guide number 10 (ASA/ISO 100, m), 16 (ASA/ISO 25, ft.); shutter locks if flash is not charged; recycling time approx. 6 sec.*
Battery Life
Approx. 100 rolls* of 24-exposure film (without flash); approx. 10 rolls* of 24-exposure film (with flash for each exposure); shutter release locks when batteries are exhausted
Power Source
Two 1.5V alkaline-manganese AA-type batteries (NiCd batteries cannot be used)
125.5mm(W) x 73mm(H) x 48.5mm(D)
Approx. 320g (without batteries)
*with fresh alkaline-manganese batteries at normal tempertures


  1. I bought this camera recently at a Goodwill. I tested to see if it was working with the batteries in and it made a clicking noise like it was searching for film so I assumed it was ok. I bought film and rewinded it and it doesn't work. What do I do now?

  2. What is not working? Just the rewind?