Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Pin Holes, Electrical Tape and the Big Ass Peach

Adox Golf  Cassar 75mm f4.5 Fomapan 400 Adonal (Rodinal) 1:50 - I love my Adox Golf. The Golf is the perfect medium format snap shot camera. It is simple, compact, has a nice lens and an uncoupled rangefinder. I bought mine off eBay in great conditional, the overall appearance is mint and the original leather case is in perfect condition, exactly the day to day shooter i wanted.... or so I thought. On shooting the first roll a discovered a hidden flaw, a pin hole somewhere in the bellows. No big deal, I have dealt with these before, a half an hour in a dark room with a flash light inserted into the back of the camera and the offending leak was found and patched with electrical tape. Problem solved.... I happily headed back out on an overcast day and shot my 2nd roll and it came out fine, but the key word here is "overcast." A few months pass and I had to do some traveling so decided to pack the Golf, again its size makes to the perfect travel companion along side my Nikon P7000. Most of the trip saw overcast skies, but I did manage to shoot most of a roll of Fomapan 400, saving the last few shots for the trip home.

Those of you that have ever driven through Gaffney, South Carolina on I-85 have seen the "Big Ass Peach," apparently also called "The Peachoid," but I prefer Big Ass Peach, it is more accurate, from the right angle it looks like a Big Ass. My plan was to pull off and get a great analog shot of the peach on my way home. I reached Gaffney and merged off the interstate and headed for my target. I pulled into the parking lot of the Fatz Restaurant conveniently located at the foot of the Big Ass Peach and stepped into the glaring Mid Day Sun to take my shot. Well, as you can see above, I missed a pin hole. I got the same result on my shots of the Possum Trot School, located on the same exit. So out comes the flashlight and electrical tape for another round of pin hole finding... Note to self, Test in direct sunlight....


  1. I love the pinhole artifact in the first shot, it looks like the 'big ass peach' is exploding.

  2. Nice blog post! Good story, nice pictures!

    Greetings to you and all your followers from The Netherlands!

  3. Thank You both for you comments...a and viewing.