Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Adox Golf

My new folder. My eternal search for the perfect Folding Medium Format Camera continues. Meet the Adox Golf. It's uncoupled rangefinder was the bane of my existence while shooting my first roll with this camera, as the extra step of setting the lens from the rangefinder's measurement was foreign to me. The 75mm f4.5 Cassar lens is nice and sharp (when you remember to set the focus), and the range finder is crisp and accurate. The overall make and feel of the camera is solid and the size is perfect for a medium format carry camera. I discovered with my first test roll with the camera it appears to have a small pin hole in the bellows, but that is easily fix, once I find it.


  1. I have a copy of this camera too and had big expectations from it, but when it arrived I couldn't use the RF, so it lies in the drawer. Either the RF is damaged or I don't really understand how it works. (I think it should work like any uncoupled RF.) The scale on the adjusting button shows wrong values.
    Could you explain me exactly how you set/read the distance? Maybe I just don't see the correct marker.

  2. Sorry for the slow response. You are correct, the rangefinder on the Adox Golf works like any other uncoupled rangefinder.

    You focus looking through the the small round window to the right of the main viewfinder window and lining up the split images using the focus know on the top left of the camera body. Once the split images are aligned, read the distance aligned with the arrow and transfer that to the lens by aligning the same distances with the diamond symbol on the lens.

    Hope that helps. Thank You for looking! Matthew

  3. Hi Matthew, could you tell me the serial number of the lenses please. I try to register ADOX Golf cameras as much as I can. The results of my research you can read here.

  4. Many thanks! Number is registered now.

    Best regards