Friday, April 19, 2013

Impossible - Instant Spring

Polaroid JobPro Instant Camera Impossible Project Color Shade UV+ Film - Spring is here and with it comes color. A good time to break out the new Impossible Project Color Shade UV+ Instant Film and fire away.... Actually, I have had this pack since Autumn, but am just now getting around to finishing the pack. Like most Polaroid 600 Series camera, the JobPro is as basic as it gets. Fixed shutter speed, the built in flash fires whether it is needed on not and the only exposure control is the lighter/darker slider on the front of the camera. The JobPro does have a built in Close-Up Lens that allows for close-up shots between 2 to 4 ft. (0.6 to 1.2m), but correcting for parallax error with a marginally accurate viewfinder can make framing a challenge. Ah the joys of instant photography Polaroid style. Still, somehow, the results are worth it.
Scanned with a HP Scanjet G4050 using HP's OEM Software.

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