Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Lucky Finds

Polaroid Macro 5 SLR Polaroid Spectra Image Film Expired 11/05 - The results of 3 lucky finds.
One: A Polaroid Macro 5 on ebay for next to nothing. I will post on the camera later, but in a nutshell the Macro 5 is a SLR Camera designed specifically for close-up work.
Two: The local camera store, Lynchburg Camera had several packs of expired Spectra Image Film they were willing to part with cheap. After testing one pack to verify the batteries were still good, I could not pass these rare lomo gems up.

Three: Kuroneko, the Kitten of one of the feral cats that rule our neighborhood. Kuroneko wormed her way into the house by managing to hang herself by a rear leg from a fork on a branch in a bush. When my wife found her, Kuroneko had been hanging for several hours and was very weak. The leg from which she was hanging, was injured and appeared to be paralyzed. After a trip to the Vet and several weeks of pampering and rehab, the leg is now fine and and Kuroneko has achieved House resident status.

I am convinced the leg injury was a trick to gain House resident status before winter. Kuroneko has filled the opening left by the passing of our oldest feline resident, Amber, at 14 years old. She has been accepted by our German Shepherds and terrorizes the older cats in the house, like every good kitten should. And as she curls up on a warm bed and licks her once injured leg, I swear I hear her purr, "Mission Accomplished."

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