Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Polish Start Twin Lens Reflex

I have always loved Twin Len Reflex Cameras and their waste level finders. There is just something about focusing directly on ground glass that is appealing. Looking down to focus, instead of directly at the subject also seems less intrusive, almost more polite.

This Start was manufactures by Warszawskie ZakÅ‚ady Fotooptyczne (WZFO) of Warsaw, Poland. The camera has a Euktar 75mm f4.0 taking lens and a Euktar 75mm f3.5 focusing lens. The Leaf shutter is unbranded,  and has speeds for 1/10th to /200th and of course B and f stops from 4 to 22 There is no frame counter, the tried and true "red window" in the camera's back is used. Overall design is typical of Eastern Block cameras of the 50's and 60's with an almost Art Deco look. The Body has a crackle finish accented by brushed metal. The lens face and camera back have a leather or pleather overlay. The Start does not feel as robust as the Japanese Yashicas of the same era, but the craftsmanship solid, if spartan.Shutter operation is manual cock and fire via 2 levels on the lens itself. The Start does have a pc flash port and syncs with Modern electronic flash units.

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