Friday, April 13, 2012

The Agfa Ansco B-2 Shur-Shot Regular

The Agfa Ansco Shur-Shot Regular

Front on view showing the Art Deco design accents and dual viewfinders for Horizontal and Vertical shooting.
Camera controls. Time for selecting either standard shuttle speed or Bulb. Film advance. Diaphragm to select the 2 available f-stops or the built in yellow filter for black and White and the shuttle release. Also of note the black frame lines in the view finder to denote the 6x4.5 framing. 
The Shur-Shot with the guts removed for film loading. In this shot the camera is configured for the 6x9 frame format.

This shot shows the camera reconfigured for 6x4.5 format.

The Shur-Shot's instructions and printed on the inside from. I love the retro graphics.
A Box Camera Classic in the same category as the Kodak Brownies. The Shur-Shot uses 120 film, making it easy to use even today. Sporting 2 shutter speeds, something close to a 60th of a second and Bulb this is not a action stopper by any means. The standard 6x9 frame format does make it a great landscape camera, as long as you do not mind blurry corners. The Shur-Shot has 2 fairly unique features for a simple box camera. One, a built in yellow filter that can be selected by the sliding diaphragm tab on the side of the camera. And two, dual frame formats, 6x9 and 6x4.5, selected by moving metal frame blades in and out of position. Images from this camera to follow. More on the Shur-Shot at Camera-Wiki.


  1. Does it have two view counters? I have two nice Agfa Box Synchro but they only have one view counter. It would be possible to adapt a mask and discover a way of winding that took this in account.

  2. No counter at all. It uses the old "red window" method. There are 2 red windows in the back. 1 for 6x9 and 1 for 6x4.5.