Sunday, March 25, 2012

Salvaged Image exposure no. 1

Kiev 60 Arsat 60mm f2.8 Rollei Retro 400s Pulled 2 stops D-76 1:1 - Occasional I like to look back through my negatives and try to salvage a cast off. A frame, captured in error due to a mistake or malfunction, that I would normal grumble about and ignore. Sometimes the results are surprising. This image was originally from the this session.  It was the 1st frame on the roll and I had forgotten to move the sync cable from my meter to my camera. I am sure the mistake was followed by some sort of expletive, then I plugged in my sync cord and moved on. The resulting negative was painfully thin and heavily backlit as you can see. I scanned it with the rest of the roll,,, grumbled, and dismissed it. A few days ago while I was updating tags in iPhoto I ran across this image again and decided to try and salvage it. I rescanned it using VueScan and after a few different exposures I achieved the image you see above.

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