Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Simple Beginning

Lomo'Instant Camera Fujifilm Instax Mini Film - Just a quick shot to make sure my new Lomo'Instant Camera is working properly. A cute pile of Prey over Predators caught my eye as a good first subject. The lens of the camera is surprising sharp, especially since focus is limited to two broad zones. This was shot with the closer zone which is 0.4m to 0.9m. More to come soon...
Scanned with a HP G4050 scanner using HP's OEM Software.

It's Here! The Lomo'Instant Camera

I backed the Lomo'Instant Camera Kickstarter project from the start and finally received my reward, presenting my new Lomo'Instant Camera. I purchased the Black Camera with the full lens set, including the Fish-Eye, Close Up and Portrait Lenses. I have always been a huge fan of instant photography of all types and was happy to support this project. The final product exceeded my expectations. The camera is well made, with an excellent fit and finish, while keeping the "Plastic fantastic" feel you expect from the Lomography Society. I cannot wait to start working through my first two pack of Fujifilm Instax Instant film to see the results.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vanishing Point

Kiev 60 Arsat 150mm f2.8 Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 Caffenol-C-M plus Salt - An eery trip into light and shadow, this track trails off into oblivion. The late afternoon sun casting shadows made this shot for me.

Scanned with an Epson V500 Photo using Epson's OEM software.