Monday, April 22, 2013

Impossible - Instant Cats

Polaroid JobPro Instant Camera Impossible Project Color Shade UV+ Film - A couple more images from my first pack of Impossible Project Color Shade UV+ instant film.

The Cat on the left is Kuron Neko, this sly little kitten managed to work her way into our home by hanging herself by a rear paw in our hedges. Her weak cries and injured foot played in our sympathies and earned her indoor status. After limping around for a few days to insure her permanent indoor status, the paw magically healed. Mission Accomplished.

The Cat on the right is Greymon, son of Bob. He is the current dominate male of the neighborhood's ferrel clan. They keep the mole and snake population under control and like to leave the kills on the front porch in exchange for food...

Scanned with a HP Scanjet G4050 using HP's OEM Software

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