Friday, February 22, 2013

Instant Tilty, Shifty, Swively, Twisty

Calumet Cambo View Camera Schneinder-Kreuznach Symmar 210mm f5.6 FujiFilm FP-100c - A little experimentation with Tilt, Shift and Swivel.

This 1st shot is was not front or back swivel. Note the Depth of field and focus of the forward rear paw.

On the 2nd shot the the lens plane and film plane are swiveled, again not the focus of the foward rear paw.

Aperture on both shots is the same at f8.0, but you can clearly see the paw on the second image is shot is in sharp focus. Obviously this technique is not revelation to experienced large format photographers, but is is uncharted territory for me. Just another destination on this journey.

Scanned using a HP Scanjet G4050 Scanner and HP Scan Pro Software.

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