Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey Bulldog exposure no. 10

Kiev 60 Arsat Mir 45mm f3.5 20mm extension tube Fujifilm Reala 100 Arista C41 - This stern looking fellow was a gift from my Mother when I was 10 or so, and it has been a favorite shelf siiter of mine ever since. I believe it was a flea market or auction find, and made the perfect treasure for a young boy.

Shot using single studio strobe shooting through a white umbrella. The Mir 45mm's mild barrel distortion accentuates his regal face nicely. Scanning the series was difficult, the red caused a dominant color shift to cyan in Espon's OEM Scanner software, leaving me unable to get an acceptable color balance. HP's Scan Pro software for my Scanjet G4050 faired better especially on the brighter shots of this series. Out of the 12 exposures for the roll 6 were scanned using the G4050 and 6 using an Epson V500 and Vuescan 9.0.96. This image was scanned using the V500.

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