Saturday, November 17, 2012

A "Little" 110 Fun

Pentax Auto 110 24mm f2.8 Lomography Society Tiger 110 Color Film Arista C-41 Kit - From my 1st roll of Lomography Society's new Tiger 110 color film, through my Pentax Auto 110. Definitely both the "little" camera and film that could. Scanning this film is not easy. I am using the Better Scanning Variable Height MF Film Carrier, and taping the film strips to the anti-newton glass using Scotch Tape. Alignment is key to cutting down on post scan adjustment. Dust is also a nightmare when scanning 110 film, as what would be a speck on a 35mm or 120 negative, is a monstrous defect on a 110. The Digital Ice on the Epson V500 helps, but is not perfect. I used an Epson Perfection 500 Photo Color Scanner B11B189011 (Google Affiliate Ad)

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