Friday, November 30, 2012

Instant Kiev 60

Polaroid Macro 5 SLR Very Expired Polaroid Spectra Image Instant Film - A composite image of my favorite camera at the moment. The Ukrainian Kiev 60 Medium Format SLR. Very similar in concept to the Pentax 6x7, the 6x6 Kiev function almost identically to a standard 35mm SLR camera. Think of it as a K1000 on steroids.

The Unusual Suspects.....

Polaroid Macro 5 SLR Very Expired Polaroid Spectra Image Instant Film - Just a playful post, more shots from the Polaroid Macro 5 SLR Close-Up camera and some very old Spectra Image Film acquired at The Lynchburg Camera Shop. I thought these 2 images had a "Mug Shot" feel, so I present "The Unusual Suspects."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scotch Tape is not Bleach Proof

Calumet Cambo View Camera Schneinder-Kreuznach Symmar 210mm f5.6 FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Pack Film Negative Reclamation - Another attempt at Fujifilm FP-100C Negative reclamation. For those of you that did not know, there is a negative hiding under a black coating on the discarded side of Fujifilm's pull and peel instant films. With a little effort and some chlorine bleach, the negative can be revealed. I really need to break down and buy some good gaffers tape, as Scotch Tape just does not cut it against the bleach. The tape lifts before all of the black backing goo is removed exposing the emulsion to the bleach. The results are both dramatic and appealing, if unpredictable. The image reminds me of a color wet plate process.

There are a number of different approaches to the negative reclamation process. The process found here, does not use tape, instead opting for a wetted negative on glass to protect the emulsion. See the YouTube video, of the process for more detail.

Below are the steps of the Process, Original Instant Print , Reclaimed Negative and Scanned Negative.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn's Last Stand

Pentax Auto 110 50mm f2.8 and 24mm f2.8 Lomography Society Tiger 110 Color Film Arista C-41 - A series from my 1st roll of Lomography Society Tiger 110 color film. Autumn is struggling to keep her mark of color on the advancing dull greys and browns of the coming winter. I love the waning days of Autumn's color. There is less brilliance, but so much more contrast. I never knew 110
film could looks so good. The Epson V500 was my scanner of choice of these scans.


A "Little" 110 Fun

Pentax Auto 110 24mm f2.8 Lomography Society Tiger 110 Color Film Arista C-41 Kit - From my 1st roll of Lomography Society's new Tiger 110 color film, through my Pentax Auto 110. Definitely both the "little" camera and film that could. Scanning this film is not easy. I am using the Better Scanning Variable Height MF Film Carrier, and taping the film strips to the anti-newton glass using Scotch Tape. Alignment is key to cutting down on post scan adjustment. Dust is also a nightmare when scanning 110 film, as what would be a speck on a 35mm or 120 negative, is a monstrous defect on a 110. The Digital Ice on the Epson V500 helps, but is not perfect. I used an Epson Perfection 500 Photo Color Scanner B11B189011 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Lucky Finds

Polaroid Macro 5 SLR Polaroid Spectra Image Film Expired 11/05 - The results of 3 lucky finds.
One: A Polaroid Macro 5 on ebay for next to nothing. I will post on the camera later, but in a nutshell the Macro 5 is a SLR Camera designed specifically for close-up work.
Two: The local camera store, Lynchburg Camera had several packs of expired Spectra Image Film they were willing to part with cheap. After testing one pack to verify the batteries were still good, I could not pass these rare lomo gems up.

Three: Kuroneko, the Kitten of one of the feral cats that rule our neighborhood. Kuroneko wormed her way into the house by managing to hang herself by a rear leg from a fork on a branch in a bush. When my wife found her, Kuroneko had been hanging for several hours and was very weak. The leg from which she was hanging, was injured and appeared to be paralyzed. After a trip to the Vet and several weeks of pampering and rehab, the leg is now fine and and Kuroneko has achieved House resident status.

I am convinced the leg injury was a trick to gain House resident status before winter. Kuroneko has filled the opening left by the passing of our oldest feline resident, Amber, at 14 years old. She has been accepted by our German Shepherds and terrorizes the older cats in the house, like every good kitten should. And as she curls up on a warm bed and licks her once injured leg, I swear I hear her purr, "Mission Accomplished."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wilted Passions (Instant Love)

Calumet Cambo View Camera Schneinder-Kreuznach Symmar 210mm f5.6 FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Pack Film - I do not believe our strongest passions ever die. They may wilt, dormant, but they are always there. We may never choose to breathe life back into our passions. Ignored they shrivel, simply awaiting the warmth of our attention to be revived. For me, Photography was one of those wilted passions. A love that the became a career, and the career displaced the love. The love is back.

I am finding my way with large format photography. 35mm and Medium Format had always been my weapons of choice. The tedious nature of view cameras did not appeal to me in my unfocused youth. I guess  have calmed, if only a little.