Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Exposure no. 5

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Rollei Retro 80s Adox Adonal (Rodinal) 1:50 - Shooting with the Hawkeye is definitely photography at simplest.

Step 1. Point it in the direction of the scene you want to photograph.
Step 2. Frame the shot using the vague waist level viewfinder.
Step 3. Hold very still (shutter speed is only and 1/30 of a second) and press the shutter button.
Step 4. Advance the film and start over.
Note: Step 4 is extremely important. The Hawkeye will let you expose the same frame over and over again.

It is amazing what a  big negative will let you get away with. The Lens is soft, but contrasty. I used Adox Adonal (Rodinal) 1:50 to enhance the retro feel and I am pleased with the results.

Image captured at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg VA.

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